App gives students self-control to study

By Lucero Rodriguez With procrastination being a factor with common distractions of  Facebook, Instagram and other social media, blocks these distractions from getting in the way of doing school work. helps students achieve their academic goals. It provides three different options to help manage the Internet and block specific websites in which distracts the user. According to the website, the first option is “to block the Internet, but…

December 4, 2014

Model tumbles into fame

By Alfonso Caltitla Big things come in small packages. It seems like a clichéd expression but it definitely applies to former East Los Angeles College student Jessica Carillo, 20, who became an overnight sensation. “I never thought I photographed well or people would want to take photos of me. I still don’t,” Carillo said. After “dip dying” her hair with pink dye and uploading a couple of pictures on a…

November 27, 2012