Multimedia journalism course continues in Spring 2020

July 4, 2019

Students in this course learn principles and theory of multimedia as it relates to journalism. The course offers basic training on how to create podcasts, news segments, feature stories and more– some of which are posted on our site. Students interested in learning how to report stories using multimedia are encouraged to join the class. No experience is required, and those who are experienced are also encouraged to register. #20267…


Video interview with ‘Cesar Chavez’ director Diego Luna

Staff writer Jesus Figueroa interviews “Cesar Chavez” director Diego Luna. Luna discusses his excitement over making a film about a historical Chicano in America and about keeping the film grounded and true to life. Read a full review of the film here: “Cesar Chavez” opened in theaters yesterday. This film is rated PG-13.

March 29, 2014

Sheriffs seek owners of lost money

By Brian Villalba After four months, $300 that was dropped in the P4 parking structure and turned into the East Los Angeles College Sheriff Station has yet to be claimed. The money was dropped in the structure on May 30. The low-resolution ELAC campus security footage showed two unidentified females with items falling out of one of their bags. It isn’t exactly clear what was dropped.  A few minutes after…

September 18, 2013