LACMA launches ‘Family Day’ at VPAM

September 28, 2018

The partnership is the result of “On-Site: Neighborhood Partnerships with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art,” an ongoing initiative to make LACMA’s collections and programs more accessible to Los Angeles County communities.


VPAM cruises back to ’90s youth culture

September 20, 2018

By Luis Castilla Guadalupe Rosales opened her new exhibit, “Echoes of A Collective Memory,” at The Vincent Price Art Museum Saturday. The event extended beyond VPAM as NU MINIS, VW Clan and Lady Volks parked their cars in between S1 and S2. “Echoes of a Collective Memory” contains a collection of symbolic artifacts and photographs that represent what the ‘90s youth culture of Latino/a’s in the Los Angeles area was…


Photographer finds passion, work presented at VPAM

By Eddie Mike Garcia Some persons land that great job early in life, while others take more time to find that rewarding career, just like Rafael Cardenas did for himself. Cardenas worked several jobs over many years before he found his passion in photography. He  currently has an exhibit of photographs at the Vincent Price Museum for the next  three months. Cardenas was born in Mexico in the 1970s and…

May 2, 2018

1968 Walkouts talk at VPAM

April 13, 2018

By Steven Adamo Photos from the 1968 Chicana/o walkouts was the topic of discussion at the Vincent Price Art Museum yesterday for the 50th anniversary of the walkouts. The photographs shared are part of a larger exhibit currently on display at the Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA, curated by the speaker of the event, Dr. Carlos Manuel Haro, PhD and UCLA Assistant Director Emeritus. The exhibit at UCLA is…


VPAM to explore Egyptian Art

By Steven Adamo A collection of art focusing on the myths and funerary practices of the ancient Egyptians will open next Saturday at the Vincent Price Art Museum. “Passing Through the Underworld: Egyptian Art,” is a collection of Egyptian art from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The collection includes sculptures created with a wide range of techniques using materials like limestone, porphyry, bone, granite and bronze. “Egyptians were…

March 8, 2018

Upcoming exhibitions show art from around the world

February 14, 2018

By Steven Adamo Three upcoming exhibitions at the Vincent Price museum will uncover personal and cultural histories through a variety of artistic mediums. A photography exhibition will feature photo-documentary works by Mexican photographer Mariana Yampolsky. Born in Chicago, 1925, Yampolsky was inspired by Mexican culture and architecture which lead to her becoming a Mexican citizen at the age of 19. Yampolsky was a part of the artist’s print collective in…


Art circulates at VPAM

By Steven Adamo Art from all over the world, using a variety of media, are on display and for sale at the Vincent Price Art Museum store. The VPAM store is split into two sections with one curated by an art space in Inglewood called Mandujano/Cell and the other in Los Angeles called Seite Books. Mandujano/Cell is headed by artists Hazel Mandujano and Juan Capistran. “They make some of the…

October 11, 2017

VPAM to share altar life at student art show

By Jorge Vazquez The Vincent Price Art Museum will showcase altars of legendary Hispanic icons made by Chicana/o Studies students for Dia De Los Muertos. This is going to be the 14th annual Dia De Los Muertos Student Altar exhibit that VPAM hosts and the 6th year Chicana/o Studies 54 professor Angelita Rovero-Herrera oversees it. Her class of 36 creates 10 altars for famous Xicano legends such as Ritchie Valens,…

October 5, 2017

Laura Aguilar shows and tells all at VPAM

By Gustavo Buenrostro The culminations of three decades of work, “Laura Aguilar: Show and Tell” is now on display at the Vincent Price Art Museum. More than 130 of Aguilar’s work spans two floors of photographs and videos, curated by Sybil Venegas. Aguilar grew up in San Gabriel Valley and studied photography at East Los Angeles College in the 1980s, even taking photos for Campus News. Her work mainly focuses on…

September 20, 2017

ASU moves to fund ‘Dia de los Muertos’ gallery

By Noe Ortega Associate Student Union hosted its first meeting of the semester on Friday, where the board funded future projects and student rep fees. The 14th Annual Día De Los Muertos Student Alter Exhibit Reception was funded for $1,950. To recognize Chicanos in the arts, the Vincent Price Museum will hold the Dia De Los Muertos Art gallery for two months. Chicano figures Saul Lopez, Lalo Guerrero and Lupe…

September 20, 2017