Forgetting to register takes a toll on students

By David Ly   One of the most complained about things is missing the class registration date. The East Los Angeles College registration program could be improved. When I was a freshman I missed my registration date for spring. Most people do not know when to register because they are not notified reliably. The way ELAC notifies students is through their district email. When logging in, the system shows students…

May 17, 2014

Elans need VTEA survey

By Anna Ortega More than 50 percent of East Los Angeles College students who are registered to classes requesting a Vocational and Technical Education Act survey, haven’t done it. VTEA was created to determine where funds were needed most. Some solutions proposed to improve the college education system are are to make tuition free. Others are requesting lower unit fees and some others just want to stop the cuts on…

November 23, 2011