Demonstrators march to support women’s rights

By Dorany Pineda Hundreds of people gathered at the Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters on Sunday at noon in Downtown Los Angeles to celebrate and recognize International Women’s Day. Representative of organizations and collectives spoke to the crowds about the history of violence and oppression committed against women and minority groups. The masses, led by women of the AF3IRM Los Angeles Organization group in a truck, marched in unison through the streets of Downtown LA….

March 9, 2016

Film shows Elans the dangers of misogyny

By Edward Singleton Sociology students were exposed to the world of hyper-sexualization and subjugation toward women in media in a film screening titled “M Is For Misogyny.” The film screening hosted by Sociology Professor Elieen Le and co-hosted by East Los Angeles College women’s center representatives Sandra Ibarra attracted over 45 students. “What does Misogyny mean to you?” began Le as she probed students for knowledge on the subject. No…

April 23, 2014