Must-try restaurants near Goldline

Juanita’s Cafe By Ivan Cazares Don’t let the disposable plates and utensils fool you. Established in 1944, Juanita’s Cafe serves some great home-style Mexican food. Juanita’s small menu is made up primarily of combination, most of which include rice, beans and a simple salad served with Italian dressing. The beans are served with melted cheddar cheese which adds another layer of flavor. The rice is perfectly cooked, unlike at many…

May 25, 2017

Sausages for all tastes at local German restaurant

By Maria Gonzalez Located in the heart of the Arts District, fancy sausage restaurant Wurstküche bursts in flavor. Wurstküche, which in German means kitchen that serves sausage, has a variety of 21 different sausages.  When entering the restaurant, customers go into a small room where they are greeted by host and given a thin, two-sided menu. As you wait in line to order, a display case of all the sausages…

May 9, 2012