YouTube film hits online red carpet

By Sonia Saavedra

“Girl Walks into a Bar” takes audiences through a Los Angeles night of bar hopping, dealing with pickpockets and playing naked ping pong.
It is the first free major motion picture created exclusively to be distributed on the web.
Although free is a natural enticement considering current economic struggles, audiences may be wary because writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez is known for creating disasters like “The Eye,” “Gothika” and “Snakes on a Plane.”
With many disappointments at the box office and poor reviews from critics, it is no wonder why film lovers all around are skeptical when they see his name on films.
Although Gutierrez has a spotty track record when it comes to his films, audiences will have a change in heart when they see the new film.
The movie revolves around a group of 13 people who connect in some sort of way.
It feels like many conversations are going on at the same time, but Gutierrez manages to make it clear for audiences to understand the story behind each character.
“Girl Walks Into a Bar” is a cleverly written comedy that will have audiences laughing at every scene.
The quick, witty dialogue, dark humor and talent of the cast makes “Girl Walks Into the Bar” a comedy like no other.  The cast alone makes this a must see.
The movie stars Zachary Quinto, Danny DeVito, Josh Harnett, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Amber Valletta, Gil Bellows, Devin Zegers, Alexis Bledel, Michelle Ryan and Xander Berkeley.
Also starring Carla Gugino, known for her roles in “Watchmen,” TV series “Californication” and in the upcoming movie “Sucker Punch,” is the leading lady.
She plays Francine Driver, the intelligent smart ex-detective who likes to do things her way.
Gugino’s acting is stupendous, getting into the character and getting it right.
Her performance is so believable that audiences will believe she actually is an ex-detective.
Another known name in the movie is Rosario Dawson who is known for her many roles in films such as 1995’s controversial independent film “Kids” and most recently her role in the action movie “Unstoppable.”
In “Girl Walks Into a Bar,” Dawson plays June, a sweet girl who just cannot hold her liquor.
Dawson can play any role that is given to her, and she shows off her talent for comedic acting.
She provides a comedic performance as she demonstrates her drunken dance moves.
Out of the 13 people in this film, up-and-coming actor Aaron Tveit stands out.
Tveit, who is known for his roles in TV shows like “Ugly Betty” and “Gossip Girl” and in the movie “Howl,” gives a remarkable and unforgettable performance as Henry, the pick pocket with a sarcastic attitude.
He is funny in the film and audiences will be amused in every scene he appears.
One scene in particular, with his on-screen father, played by Academy Award nominee Robert Foster, will have audiences laughing uncontrollably.
In the beginning, audiences will believe that a heart touching moment between father and son will appear, but it is really a discussion about bowel movement, but of course done tastefully and it is one the funniest part of the movie.
Tveit’s devious behavior and the undeniable chemistry he has with his co-star, Gugino, makes “Girl Walks Into a Bar” a movie that is worth to watch.
Overall, the entire cast has great chemistry and energy.
The movie does have a few boring parts and it does start off a bit slow, but the acting and the unique storyline make up for it.
The movie is full of hysterical moments that will have movie lovers wanting more.
With the economy as it is, this movie is the perfect movie to watch without having to break the bank paying those high movie prices.
“Girl Walks Into a Bar” runtime is an hour and 30 minutes.
It will premiere on on Friday.


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