Elans struggle to find places to eat

By Jose Zuniga

I just got a ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce and tomato on rye, with fries and a coke.

Now, where do I eat?

Elans used to have a cafeteria which served as both an in-door place to eat and a lounge for students to just hang out before class or meet up with friends to chat.

It even had video games and a pool table.

The only designated area to eat food currently is next to the lunch truck by the swim stadium under an ugly green tarp.

It does a good job of stopping the rain, but not the winds.

Also, by the auditorium, there’s a neat little square with two tables that provide an al-fresco-style atmosphere and access to the school’s wireless connection.

Despite these two places, the fact remains that they are still outside.

Elans often find themselves in hallways or in classrooms eating during lunch or dinner.

It might be a convenient place for during the day, but for those people in night, they often find themselves crowding coffee machines, seeking shelter from the cold in hallways, or eating their dinner in class.

Others take a walk to Starbucks or other nearby eateries during their ten or fifteen minute break and then have to rush to get back.

It’s wrong to leave students out in the cold of day or night when rooms which just recently became empty could be used as an in-door dining area.

ASU has some space indoors.

Can’t the people that represent student’s rights afford them a place to sit and at least drink a cup of coffee?

The foyer of the Edison Center for the Performing Arts is empty on most days and can accomodate an eating area.

Elans might be looking for just the comfort of being inside a room because the wind can get rough during the Fall.

However, as the summer approaches it might be good to note those areas which are best suited for eating outside.

There are several places around campus that provide a nice shade area.

That way, Elans can get away from the blistering heat of the sun during the day.

Not only does a dining area shelter Elans from the weather, but also from hustle and bustle of the classroom.


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