Faculty, staff erase accreditation warning

By Layla Fernandez


East Los Angeles College has announced that since last June it has been in good standing without sanctions with the Accreditation Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

In March, ELAC was given recommendations by the Accreditation Response Group on how to improve the campus.

The recommendations were to make a handbook to show the planning and budgeting to ensure improvements based on the data.

Another recommendation is to regularly evaluate the student programs and student services to establish that all the students’ needs are met.

The college submitted a follow up report in March to ACCJC, because in June 2010, the college had its warnings lifted.

“The one thing that we were warned about, which is probably one of the main reasons of why we were placed on a warning, was that we did not have an adequate way of being able to link our budgetary decisions on the campus and how we allocate budget to various programs to our plans on campus,” said Accreditation Liaison Officer, Karen Daar.

“So we effectively show that now we are able to link planning with our budgetary decisions.”

The handbook also includes Student Learning Outcomes for all courses, programs and services on campus.

SLOs are results that the students must meet before they obtain an Associates Degree or completion of course.

“The SLOs had to be created for all the different areas, and after they have to be assessed, meaning we have to see if that all the students are meeting the outcomes that we have identified in this courses,” said Daar.

The outcomes later are analyzed to make sure that the students and programs are being improved based on the outcomes.

For any further questions about accreditation, students can contact Karen Daar at daarkl@elac.edu or (323) 265-8650, ext. 5374

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