Clubs compete in Husky Bowl for cash prize

Oscar Valeriano, Vice President of Student Services, left, and Robert Cancio, Vice President of ASU, announced the winning clubs who placed in the first ever Husky Bowl held at East Los Angeles College during the Spring Fling. PHOTO BY EDGAR LOPEZ


By Megan Perry

Puente Club won the first Husky Bowl last Wednesday for a monetary reward and their name on a plaque on the trophy.

East Los Angeles College’s clubs competed for a first prize of $1,000.

The Husky Bowl was created by the Associated Student Union vice president Robert Cancio so the ASU clubs would be able to come together for friendly competitions and the chance to win prizes.

He said that he hopes the event will be held every semester from now on.

The competitions consisted of an egg toss with eggs that were not hard boiled, tug-of-war, horse shoes, jousting and a relay race.

They won the prize of $1,000, which Abinadad de Jesus, the club’s president, said he feels they won because of the trip they took over Spring Break.

The Puente Club took a trip over the Spring break to visit five university campuses throughout California, which happened to be their goal of the semester, de Jesus feels that the trip helped them “become close as a group,” which gave them the leverage to win.

“We are saving it because we just did something, that was our goal of the semester, and now we are going to save that money and think about it,” said de Jesus about the club’s plans for the money.

The members of the club were excited to win the Husky Bowl as they cheered after the competition.

One member, Eric Robinson, jokingly said, “It took me and my peoples no hard work, no determination. It just took raw talent, and that’s what it was.”

The Games, Anime and Kards Club was the club that dominated the tug-of-war contest.

GAK won third place overall and earned a reward of $250 that will go to towards the club’s needs.

The jousting contest was held in a big jumper with two people inside. Everyone else cheered from outside for one of the two contestants to push and hit the other out of the center circle.

ASU made the sumo wrestling activity available as an activity not part of the competitions, but no students wanted to play.

Ironically, the Pep Squad pulled their way to victory over the Future Firefighters of America to win third place in tug-of-war, but when they competed head-to-head in the limbo event, the FFFA went lower than the Pep Squad to win first place in that game.

The FFFA ended up with the overall score of second place, which won them $500 for their club.

Ray Adolphus, president of FFFA, said about the money, “We’re doing a bunch of scholarships throughout our own little association club we got going on.”

“We use this money that we collect as a team to split amongst ourselves to make sure we all get our tests done and our book stuff, and not just for us, but for newcomers as well,” said de Jesus.

Oscar Valeriano, vice president of Student Services, came to enjoy the activities and to announce the winners of the Husky Bowl. He announced the winners and took pictures with the team and the trophy.

Cancio said, “The Husky Bowl is for us to build camaraderie between clubs and people who are not in the clubs to see what the clubs are doing and join clubs.”

He said he was able to do this because of the “ASU funds, which were built by students who are ASU members.” The prize money also came from these funds.

Although not all of the clubs competed, many showed up to fundraise and sell goodies.

One could walk down the strip and almost have a decent meal to eat by the time one reached the end.

Those clubs that were not selling goodies were there to promote their club.

Some had tables set up with pamphlets and brochures for students to inquire about.

The Husky Bowl brought many clubs together to share with friendly competitions and food.


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  1. I would like, if I can to make a couple of corrections. First our club is called AFFF for Association of Future Fire Fighters not FFFA, and second I would like to point out that Ray Adolphus is not our club president he is a club member. Please, if you still can, correct these errors.

    -Thank You,

    Jeremy Vera
    AFFF Delegate

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