Dancers shine bright

The ballet dancers perform to “Waltz of Flowers” by Tchaikovsky Thursday during rehearsal for Visions of Dance. PHOTO BY HUGO DOMINGUEZ, JR.


By Maria Gonzalez

The Let’s Dance Company wowed the audience with Visions of Dance this past weekend.

Visions included performances from the dance department’s classes as well as a showcase of Let’s Dance Company’s 5th Repertoire Concert.

Both the beginning and the advanced students delivered brave and incredible performances at the S2 recital hall.

Many of the different dances were set to musical classics.

“The Waltz” used Tchaikovsky’s “The Waltz of the Flowers,” and was an exquisite ballet performance.

This classical waltz was executed with virtually no missteps through out the performance.

Alejandra Garza-Salazar was the soloist for this dance and showed poise throughout it.

“Salsa” was an explosion of energy, with a routine that was a combination of traditional and modern moves, which the crowd seemed to enjoy.

Set to Celia Cruz’s “Tiene Tumbao,” “Salsa” displayed high-stepping moves that were choreographed by Artistic Director Kimberly Brown.

Dance Instructor Kristina Karmiryan was fully satisfied with the performances from her students.

She teaches a belly-dancing class and also performed in numerous numbers with the students.

Karmiryan said the following about the new recital hall.

“Dancers have so much passion and are always committed to perform their best (regardless of the space),” said Karmiryan.

Before moving in to the new building, the dance company performed in places likes the San Gabriel Playhouse.

“Having this new building is the icing on the cake,” said Karmiryan.

Michael Veluz and Myra Joy Veluz performed “Dancing.”

Their performances were dramatic and engaging.

The choreography was creative and inventive.

The two dancers were musically on time, which made their performance run smooth.

Diana Tamez, an advanced student from the Let’s Dance Prepatory said that by Sunday she felt more relaxed.

“I got the nerves out on Friday and enjoyed the rest of the performances,” she said.

Closing the performance was the dance “Simple Complexity,” accompanied with the song by Infected Mushrooms “Dancing with Kadafi.”

The dancers used a variety of techniques, set t o a Middle-Eastern-style tone, which showcased their more advanced student moves.

Karmiryan said that although the students practice hard, when they have to perform in front of an audience it sets a more professional vibe.

“You respect the building that you’re in,” said Kamiryan.

“We’re very grateful.”


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