Unchartered 350-2-SH club promotes healthy environment

By Jane Fernandez

350-2-Sustain Humanity, an unchartered club aims to not only become a part of the student’s life, but a part of the world.

The club’s mission is to “bring education and awareness to people about the benefits and importance of living a sustainable life style,” as said in the club’s mission statement.

“We are stressing the 350 because this represents the limit of parts per million of CO2 (carbon-dioxide) our atmosphere can handle before starting to see noticeable changes in the environment,” said Krystel Rios, the club president.

The world is currently at 389 parts per million, leaving the atmosphere in a “delicate balance” where by any increase would have a major impact on the environment, said Rios. The name 350-2 SH came from a collaboration between Rios, the club president, and past members of the club.

“We made this name because I think it makes a lot of people question what it means.

“This gives us the opportunity to help people understand more about the environment and what the club stands for,” said Rios.

Although the club advocates complex issues, they also focus on smaller and easier to comprehend daily actions, such as water usage, transportation and waste. Rios said that the club would like to raise more awareness about issues that do not even come to thought.

The club hopes to reach out to students, communities and businesses through various workshops and seminars. They would also like to get Elans to contribute to the club by inviting them to participate in volunteer opportunities.

“We did a campus clean-up once last semester and are planning to do one this semester,” said Rios.

The club has also participated in were hikes at Eaton Canyon.

The clubs plans to create seminars, fundraisers and volunteering events. The club would also like to collaborate with other clubs on campus, such as the Geology Club and other science-related clubs.

Their main goal is to get chartered this semester.

“As soon as are (chartered,) we can get the ball rolling on a variety of activities,” said Rios.

The club was chartered through the Associated Student Union late in the previous spring semester. Rios said they registered late because the thought of creating a club did not come to mind until the end of the semester.

The club is currently working on chartering for this semester. Rios said the club hopes to get that done within the next few weeks.

The club consist of students with different majors, such as science, architecture and others that can benefit from the activities the club offers. The club currently consists of 15 members.

It does not have a set meeting schedule yet. They have met twice this semester through regular updates from the president. They plan on meeting Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. in E3 112.

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