Reading rewards brain

By Lourdes Espinoza

Growing up, I loved English classes.

Reading novels and taking grammar lessons in school was fulfilling for me. As I got older, work, family and taking other non-English college courses got in the way of my free time.

I began to read less for leisure and if anything, read for study. Today, I really try and make time to read.

Whether it is on my lunch break, or when I wait in line at places while others text away.

I cannot express how much I have gained in these last months of reading because often times I continue to reminisce about chapters I have read and wonder what will happen next. Bookstores have begun to go out of business and, as sad as this is, people cannot let that be a primary excuse to deprive themselves of reading.

The theory of reading sounds simple, but the benefits you gain from reading are monumental. For one, your vocabulary flourishes and your imagination prospers.

Reading makes you a more intelligent person because it improves your memory and concentration skills while it helps you focus. This comes incredibly handy, especially for those seeking to advance in education.

Imagine the possibilities. Even when you read non-fiction you can excel in learning about new areas of study.

A person can become a more fluent reader and could be capable of understanding topics more fully. This in return helps you develop more coherent steps in grasping a subject.

Books come in many subjects. Whatever your taste may be, you can expect to find books ranging from fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, history, medicine, literature and even biographies.

When was the last time you read a good book for pleasure?

Unlike watching television, you use your brain to actually visualize the characters and situations instead of being spoon-fed. Many people have allowed technology to meddle with their free time on a regular basis.

Although bookstores are becoming non-existent, there are other alternatives for your book-seeking quest. Libraries remain open to the public. Purchasing books online is hardly a problem these days.

Kindle,  a digital alternative, can help keep you on your ‘reading toes.’

Not all bookstores have gone out of business and if they do, people can take advantage of the sales before that particular bookstore closes.

Something tangible, such as a book, can reap immense rewards for your brain and, in turn, for your future. Grow your own book collection.

It is never too late to read about another world, another culture, another era, another perspective or even another galaxy.

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