Women’s soccer beats Pasadena, earns third win

KICKIN' IT—Jane Song uses an opportunity to score with a shot that went above the post during the 61st minute against the Lancers. CN/ Lindsey Maeda

By Liliana Marquez

The women’s soccer team defeated Pasadena City College by a score of 4-0 last week at Weingart Stadium.

The game was their fourth in conference play, and their third consecutive conference victory. The women also defeated Mt. San Antonio as visitors last week with a score of 2-1. Three minutes after kickoff, ELAC made a counterattack move but the attempt was finished with a weak and off target shot.

At minute nine, the Huskies scored an early goal which was disallowed because of an offside penalty. One minute later, Rosalba Rojas had her first attempt with an on target shot.

During the 14th minute, ELAC generated a goal opportunity but their attempt failed when the game was stopped after they committed a foul on one of the Lancers. At the 26th minute, the Huskies were awarded a free kick but the shot went above the post.

This was followed by a counterattack generated by the Huskies where the Lancers stole the ball and committed a foul on Melissa Gonzalez.

It was 31st minute when the Huskies were able to score their first goal. ELAC was awarded a free kick. Gonzalez took the shot and Jessica Guzman was there to send the ball in. Four minutes later, Rojas had another opportunity to score but failed to do so.

At the 38th minute, the Lancers were counterattacking, and ELAC’s defense was caught off guard, but the shot did not cause trouble for the Huskies.

Five minutes before halftime, the referee awarded ELAC a corner kick. Rojas passed to Guzman. who took the shot, but the Lancers’ goalkeeper was able to stop the ball. During the 44th minute, the Lancers were awarded a throw-in, which generated a great opportunity for Pasadena. However, ELAC’s defense was there to stop them from tying the score.

The teams went to halftime with the Huskies leading 1-0 over the Lancers. As the second half kicked off, a throw-in was awarded to the Lancers who nearly scored if not for a save by ELAC’s goalkeeper. The Huskies were performing very well and the spectators were enjoying their tricks and moves.

ELAC kept looking to score more goals. At the 61st minute, Jane Song had a wonderful opportunity to score with a shot that went above the post. It was at the 75th minute when ELAC was able to extend the score when Rojas sent the ball in to score their second goal.

The next minute, Pasadena had another chance to score. A free kick was awarded to the Lancers, but their shot went above the post.

At the 78th minute, a corner kick by the Lancers gave them an opportunity to score, but ELAC’s goalkeeper, who was doing an outstanding job,  prevented the goal. The Lancers were starting to attack and put more pressure on the Huskies. Nine minutes before the final whistle, the match was interrupted when Rojas got injured and had to leave the game.

In the 84th minute, ELAC was awarded a corner kick and Song took the shot. Guzman took advantage and sent the ball in to score ELAC’s third goal. The Huskies wanted more and they kept attacking and trying to score another goal.

Seconds before the end of the match, Leslie Rivera scored the fourth and final goal. After the match Belen Rodriguez shared her thoughts on the game.

“I feel very good. On the first half, we didn’t communicate well, but in the second half, we did. I’m happy with the score,” said Rodriguez. Head Coach Tessa Troglia said that the Huskies’ goal was to win 4-0 and that the team was able to finish more opportunities than during the past games.

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