Women’s soccer completes sweep

FIVE IN A ROW—Belinda Newsom sets up a goal that helped lead the Huskies to their fifth straight win in the conference. CN/Oliver Blanco

By Liliana Marquez

The Women’s soccer team defeated the Warriors from El Camino College last Friday at Weingart Stadium by a final score of 3-1.

This was their sixth game, and fifth consecutive victory in the South Coast conference. The Huskies also faced and defeated Compton College last week at Compton 2-0. The game kicked off with the Huskies dominating the match. Jessica Guzman scored two goals in less than 20 minutes.

During minute 23, ELAC had another chance to score and the Huskies did not fail. Belinda Newsom received a pass, stopped the ball, and took a long-distance shot that the Warriors were not able to stop.

This gave the Huskies an early advantage of 3-0. Three minutes later, El Camino had a great opportunity to score but ELAC’s goalkeeper was there to make the save and prevent the Warriors from scoring their first goal.

During minute 32, the Huskies were awarded a throw-in taken by Brianna Sanchez. At minute 33, the Huskies were awarded a free kick. Rosa Ayala took the shot but the ball went off the field, giving the Warriors a goal kick. A counterattack by the Huskies in the 35th minute was stopped when the Warriors stole the ball and prevented the move from continuing.

Five minutes before halftime, the warriors had a chance to score but were called offside. A minute later, El Camino was able to score a goal. The Warriors kept putting pressure on the Huskies to try to score a second goal and minimize the difference. The game went to halftime with the Huskies dominating 3-1.

The second half started with El Camino generating a counterattack but were not able to finish it, missing a chance to score another goal. Husky Sonia Gramajo gave a pass to Belinda Newsom at the 49 minute mark who made a bad pass that ELAC was able to gain control of. The game was stopped when ELAC’s Gramajo was forced to leave the field after an injury.

During minute 53, the Huskies had another counterattack and a great move that concluded when the Warriors’ goalkeeper caught the ball. This was followed by another move by the Warriors that led to a corner kick.

At minute 60, ELAC was awarded a free kick where the Warriors rejected the first shot, but ELAC was able to regain control of the ball but the shot missed the net.

ELAC wanted to score more goals to put some distance between them and the Warriors. A controversial foul by the Warriors occurred during minute 71, and the Huskies were asking for a penalty kick. The referee did not grant the Huskies the chance to score their fourth goal. At minute 77,  a corner kick by the Huskies caused difficulties to the Warriors defense, but they were able to keep the ball away from the net.

During minute 83, ELAC had another injured player. Mariah Palmer who had to leave the game. Five minutes before the final whistle, the Warriors were about to score their second goal but failed to do so. The game ended with the Huskies winning their fifth consecutive match, and the Warriors losing for the second time in conference.

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