The dangers of texting

By Edgar Lopez

Most of us benefit from texting. It gives us the ability to communicate with others without having to call them. It can be a simple, innocent, sub-conscious act, but it can harm or annoy some people.

Texters become a hazard to themselves when walking down the street. They feel a vibration or hear their phone calling and dig deep into their pocket for their phone and start reading a text message. Pretty soon, wham. They bump into someone or something. Texters are not only physical hazards but can be annoying.

Catching a texter’s attention is not easy. How many calls does it take to reach the attention of a texter? It usually takes two or three times. It is then followed by,  “Huh?”

It’s a natural reaction when a person receives a text message to immediately reach for his or her phone during a conversation. This action distracts the texter and causes the other person to feel ignored.

It also causes frustration as most people are annoyed having to repeat themselves, especially if they can clearly see the person in front of them twiddling their thumbs and giggling. I’m guilty of doing the same and much worse, but it is something that must be controlled. So rather than making your thumbs dance, make them push that phone deeper into the pocket.

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