Elans pay $1 for representation

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By Isaac Tovar

It is for your advantage to vote “yes” in a special election today.  This small increase will give ELAC something students need the most during these economically tough times: a voice.

Elans will be voting to pass a $1 additional fee to tuition that will allow students to be represented in our state Capitol and Board of Governors. Special elections will be held in front of the parking structure today and it will be your opportunity to make a change at ELAC.

We as students must not be so willfully swept under the rug and expected to simply obey. We need a rep fee, we as students need to be heard, need to be seen and need to be counted.

Cesar Chavez said “Si se puede.” President Barack Obama said “Yes we can.”

Different languages, same message. We can make the change necessary to succeed. This fee will give us that opportunity to speak up to the Chancellors and Board of Governors and express our discontent with their disappointing actions and make a change.




[Editor’s note:  Isaac Tovar is a student Comissioner for Journalism, an ASU-appointed position, non-affiliated with Campus News.]

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