Elans should be ready for class registration

By Thy Lam

Being prepared for class registration always helps students get their needed classes before they are all filled up.

Because classes are being cut every semester and filled quickly, students need to review educational plans carefully before registering. Reviewing educational plans is a good way for students to know which classes they need for their specific major or for future transfer.

Some classes require prerequisites and corequisites, and students have to clear all these classes before taking advanced classes. That’s why they should carefully consider their choices before class registration.

For students who have not decided on a major and do not know which classes to take, making an appointment with counselors is always a right choice. Counselors help students not only decide their majors but also to develop reasonable educational plans. Based on students’ educational plans, counselors give students advice on class choices. This will help students save time and money by avoiding unnecessary classes.

That’s why students are strongly advised to see a counselor to develop student educational plans. Counselor sessions are limited to 30 minutes per appointment, so students had better be ready to ask the right questions. There is only one appointment with counselor per student per semester, except emergency cases that allow students to take a second appointment. Students tend to make appointment with counselors whom they prefer. However, they may have to wait for a long time to see their preferred counselor who may be booked.

For students who are in emergency cases, it is highly recommended to see any counselor right away instead of waiting to see ones they prefer. Counselors give the same advice for the same educational plan. Scheduling appointments with counselors is now available through telephone, over the Internet or in person.

Online counseling quick question service is also available to serve students with general questions. Students can access ELAC’s website for more information about counseling. Admissions and counseling are always busiest from midterms to the end of the semesters once the schedule is out and registration appointments have been assigned.

There are many students who wait until the very last minute to register for classes and realize that all the classes they want are filled. These students have no choice but to wait to add classes at the beginning of the semester. Nevertheless, they had better to be ready because there are few chances for them to add classes.

Today, there are fewer instructors accepting adds at the beginning of the semester when their classes are full. Instead of hoping for a very rare chance to add a class, students should be active in registering needed classes when their turn comes.

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