Black Friday arrives early

By Marcelle Alvarado

The Christmas shopping kick-off is just around the corner as Black Friday creeps up closer this year and shoppers everywhere are preparing to hit stores.

It used to be a tradition that department stores like Macy’s, would unveil their Christmas displays and bargains the day after Thanksgiving, now more popularly known as Black Friday. However, it seems Christmas music is on continuous play at shopping centers and radio stations in the beginning of November instead.

The term Black Friday was coined to describe the day after Thanksgiving, because retailers nationwide would begin to receive the most revenue of the entire year.

This year retailers have started Black Friday even earlier than before. Stores like Wal-Mart and Toys R Us are starting Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving day, at 9 and 10 PM. Macy’s, the Gap and Target are opening their doors at midnight, unlike last year when they opened at 5 or 6 AM. This trend is now becoming more popular with retailers, “If their competitors are doing it, they are doing it,” says Chief Economist for the International Council of Shopping Centers.

“Statistics show that men are more likely to make the Black Friday deals and spend more money than women.” 

The National Retail Federation 

With Black Friday deals starting earlier than before, consumers are upset with the news. Shopping should not interfere with Thanksgiving and     families will not be able to enjoy the holiday together, a consumer poll said on

On the other hand, many bargain hunters are excited about the earlier deals and already have their Black Friday plans underway. Most Black Friday shoppers are very different from your typical everyday shopper.

The National Retail Federation said, statistics show that men are more likely to make the Black Friday deals and spend more than women. The most popular things to buy? “Electronics and jewelry,” said the NRF.

Local shopping centers like the Shops at Montebello, and a new contender, the Glendale Galleria, will also open their doors at midnight.

Kimberely Ritter Martinez, a spokesperson for the Galleria said “We anticipate profits to beat last year’s, simply because shoppers are suffering from frugal fatigue,” stating that consumers have grown tired of the economy’s downfall and want to feel like we are no longer in a recession.

With retailers preparing for the most profitable shopping season in recent years, they ensure bargains and sales for the frugally fatigued all season long.


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