Cultural Art Walk in Downtown Los Angeles

PEACE, LOVE AND ART—Artists actively display their artwork during the art walk that takes place every second Thursday of the month. CN/ Heidy Garcia

By Heidy Garcia

When it comes to experiencing authentic Los Angeles art life, Art Walk is the only one way to truly live it. Many may think that art walk is just a night where art snobs and hipsters go and socialize.

It’s not. It’s a gathering of people that want to share their love of art or simply want to experience something new in their life. There is so much to experience at Art Walk. You can walk down various streets of Downtown L.A. and see art taking life in various forms whether it is through music, interactive exhibitions, photography or dance.

This event has grown from being an unknown event to attracting thousands of people, some who have traveled miles to get there and experience the beauty or show what their artistic talents are. One man made the pilgrimage from Washington to L.A. to show his giant kaleidoscope that is built on the roof of his car. When walking around you see people of all ages, races and backgrounds.

You don’t have to be art savvy to enjoy this event, you learn as you go. Your eyes are open to many art forms that some people would not expect to be art. In some galleries mimes and bands with their own unique sound can be found. There are interactive galleries where you become part of the exhibit.

One example is an independent magazine has a campaign against sex trafficking. When you take a picture with a red balloon, they put your picture on their Facebook page telling people you support the end of human trafficking.

Another interactive gallery is the 3-D art booth. For $2 you can rent a pair of 3-D glasses and be admitted into a tent where there are many 3-D paintings. It is a wonderful experience. The best thing to do when getting there, if it’s your first time, get there early and take your time absorbing everything. Don’t eat because they have gourmet food trucks and everything looks delicious.

You can even settle for L.A.’s official hot dog, the bacon dog. Walk off what you ate by visiting galleries and visiting all the little shops and stands you find along the way.

If you’re into fashion there’s a couple of places dedicated to clothes and accessories. If you like neon signs there’s a museum dedicated to that art. There is something for everyone, so there is no way you would want to go home early.

Another thing to take into consideration is dressing in comfortable clothes. You will be walking and be surrounded by a lot of people, so dress comfortably especially now that the nights are cold and dark. Dress warmly.

When arriving you are greeted by people that are just soaking in the art, participating artists or by people that have put the event together, and receive a map pointing out local restaurants, bars and galleries. The best bet is go with the flow. Let your mind and spirit roam free.

Admission is free and there is no age restriction. All you need is have love for art or be willing to learn about and be open to its beauty. The Art walk takes place in Downtown L.A. every second Thursday of the month. For more information and hours visit the Art Walk site at www.downtownartwalk. org.



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