ELAC baseball strikes out with field

By Carlos Alvarez

Faced with uncertainty of when the construction of a new field will begin, anticipation for a new home baseball field has become a frustrating situation.

“It’s a mess. Time is limited. We basically have to work around Cal State LA’s schedule. We play a game at seven in the afternoon and the kids get home at midnight. Then weights at six in the morning. It’s hard,” said James Hines, head coach.

The misfortune of not having a baseball field has not only impacted the scheduling of games and practices, but it has also played a role in the recruitment of players.

“The first two years of recruitment took a big hit,” said Hines.

Hines also said that other school programs emphasized the fact that ELAC had no field or facilities. It became a recruiting tool for them. The baseball program takes admiration on how many players decide to come and face the adversity of not having an ideal situation.

“The baseball program has done an admirable job. They continue to play at a high level and go about their business,” said Al Cone, Athletic Director.

After numerous delays of the construction for a new field and multiple deadlines missed, the team continues to push forward.

Administration does not have an exact day or as Cone said, “The field will be done when it’s done.”

Through it all the team has played at a high level, finishing second in their conference and being one win away from regionals last season.

“The players come ready to play. They deserve all the credit. They are the ones commuting and making it work,” said Hines.

“As the new season gets started, they get in their cars and start their ride to their practice fields. Arriving at Montebello High School with only baseball in mind, the field situation continues to drag.” said Hines.

“What was promised, hasn’t happened. It is what it is. We have to work with what we have and in the end my ball-players will grow from this,” said Hines.


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