Elans need VTEA survey

CN/Sarah Rivero

By Anna Ortega

More than 50 percent of East Los Angeles College students who are registered to classes requesting a Vocational and Technical Education Act survey, haven’t done it. VTEA was created to determine where funds were needed most.

Some solutions proposed to improve the college education system are are to make tuition free. Others are requesting lower unit fees and some others just want to stop the cuts on education. The VTEA survey is the easiest way.

An important portion of ELAC funding is based on the collection of this survey. It only takes five minutes to complete, and each student registered in vocatonal classes should take it. The reality is students are registered to these classes, but only 48 percent of them have done it, as of Nov. 13.

Where are the rest of the Elans that are so busy to not take this survey? Do they know they have to take it? Why have they not done it yet? These questions are probably not that easy to answer, but we must look for a solution. I believe people have the right to express and fight for what they believe in.

I think the students occupying ELAC should instead of just protesting in front of this campus, take action by convincing and helping every student that have not taken the survey do it. At least they would ensure ELAC gets these funds without a doubt.

Talk is very easy, but taking action is not. The VTEA survey is an opportunity to help our college and ourselves. The money would be here for us, for our needs, and this is an action that we would see results in a short term.

It is being given to ELAC and we cannot let government spend it on something else. If you have not done it, you can go to the elac.edu and go to “students” and click on “student VTEA survey.”

If you are registered to any of the classes mentioned, do the survey. For those who support Occupy ELAC take this as an advice. If some of you are not registered to these classes spread the information, maybe one of your friends can register and make a difference.


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