‘Happy Feet Two’ dances into theaters

Courtesy of Warner Brothers

By Rosa Guillen 

“Happy Feet Two” contains messages of hope and it also addresses issues that are now endangering the lives of animals in Antarctica. Mumble, the tap dancing penguin returns to the big screen voiced by Elijah Wood in the star-studded film as the father of Erik, voiced by Ava Acres, the young emperor penguin in search of something different.

We first met Mumble in 2006 in the Oscar-winning animated feature “Happy Feet,” as the young penguin who didn’t quite fit in with the others, but was able to find his individual talent, dance. After running away with Ramon, voiced by comedian Robin Williams, Erik meets The Mighty Sven, the penguin who can fly, voiced by Hank Azaria, and decides that he does not want to dance, he wants to fly and continues the idea of individualism brought forth in the first movie.

The Mighty Sven says, “If you want it you must will it, if you will it you will have it,” telling children that if they believe in themselves, they can accomplish anything. This heartwarming film portrays challenging obstacles that may lead to the extinction of the emperor penguins. The penguins are exposed to earthquake-like shakes as the glaciers begin to collapse, as well as oil spills like the one The Mighty Sven and his companion Lovelace, also voiced by Robin Williams, encounter.

Erik’s mother, Gloria, voiced by pop star Pink, sings a hopeful song to encourage her son and the other emperor penguins to keep fighting. Adding to the star-studded cast, rapper Common, voice of Seymour, plays a loving father and brother, and Sofia Vergara, voice of Carmen, plays the beautiful girlfriend of Ramon. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are the voices of Will and Bill, the Antarctic Krill that go on a “wave of change” journey to learn about life outside of their swarm.

The two add on to the comedy in the film by taking on the idea of “adapt or die” and try to become fierce predators in hopes that that may move them up in the food chain. Unlike the first movie, “Happy Feet Two” was successfully produced in IMAX 3-D as its special effects help develop the themes and ideas expressed throughout the film. 3-D effects as simple as snowflakes falling helped express the closeness of the Emperor Penguin World as they all huddled to escape the fiercely cold conditions. Other 3-D effects, such as, the mighty seal’s power to break through thick ice express the bravery of Mumble in his efforts to reunite another fallen seal with his baby seals.

This film, rated PG for some coarse humor, is great for children of all ages, as well as adults. Both young and more mature crowds can relate to the situations the penguins and other characters face in the story. Overall, “Happy Feet Two” is a must see film and is capable of receiving an Oscar.


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