East L.A. Farmers Market promotes healthy eating

By Kritsida Adisakkitti

The East Los Angeles Farmers Market celebrated their 5-year anniversary on Saturday at East L.A. Civic Center, keeping to their roots of bringing the community back together. Fresh buttery kettlecorn popping with the strong scent of roasted peanuts reminds the community what it means to be “organically grown.”

With more than 40 vendors selling a variety of items from vegetables, fruits, jewelry and artwork, there’s always something to look at. For those hungry wanderers, there are taco and pupusa stands to feast on for an affordable price.

Most artwork brings locals back to their roots and culture by preserving the traditional styles of art, such as woodcarvings and paintings of the Social Movement. Every week people are entertained by different performances such as Mariachi bands or the continuous music from the disk jockey.

Many vendors accept WIC and Senior Farmers Market Checks, resulting in affordable organic fruits and vegetables. At a reasonable price, the community has easy access to purchase fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Every first Saturday of the month, the farmers market hosts a cooking lesson using the ingredients sold directly from the vendors. Brian Anda, 23, a volunteer and local of East L.A., has been there since the beginning in 2006. “I feel appreciated by these people. We are a community, we are a family,” said Anda. Locals join in to volunteer and inform the community about the weekly event and how it can be beneficial for everyone.

Lilia Rivas, Farmers Market manager, has seen and experienced the effects of how this event has impacted the community. “We’re here to promote healthy living styles and educate the community about nutrition,” said Rivas. She visits different schools, communities and organizations to inform people about the farmers market and how to choose healthier ingredients.

The market is open from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. every Saturday at the East L.A. Civic Center.

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