Alondra Hot Wings shoots for mobster theme

EAT LIKE A MOBSTER—The personal pan-pizza compliments the juicy hot wings and seasoned fries at Alondra's Hot Wings. CN/ Giselle Carrasco

By Giselle Carrasco

Serving dish after dish of mouthwatering hot wings, Alondra Hot Wings has been able to sustain there reputation of living up to their motto of having “the best wings in town.”

For those individuals who are wing lovers, Alondra Hot Wings is the place to be. The wings are made the delicious and incredible way wings are supposed to be made: fried and incredibly moist and juicy in the inside, and crispy on the outside.

The original Alondra Hot Wings is still located in the City of Paramount on Alondra Boulevard, but the overcrowding of loyal and hungry customers who adore the wings have given the owners the ability to stretch out there branch of restaurants and create more. The owners have created more locations including Montebello, Long Beach and Alhambra.

The Alondra Hot Wings that is located at 616 W. Whittier Blvd in Montebello, the cross streets are Whittier Avenue and Montebello Boulevard. The owners of the restaurant are three Armenian American brothers named Garo, Harout and Danny Kazarian that came up with the bright idea of opening up a wings restaurant with a mobster/gangster theme to it.

As one enters the restaurant, they will instantly feel the theme of the place. There are posters that hang on the walls such as Italian mobsters holding huge guns in their hands like Al Pacino, Tony Accardo, Anthony Provenzano and many other mobsters.

Although, Alondra Hot Wings is best known for their famous wings, they have a variety of many other types of food. If one is not too hungry and wants a little sampler the “Rat Pack Nachos” are $9.99 and taste amazing. The “Mobbed Sampler” is $12 and is very tasty as well. Alondra Hot Wings is very well known for their “Godfather” pizza and “sleeping with the fishes” pizza.

The pizzas come in all different sizes including a personal size, 12-inch or a 16-inch pizza. Not only are the wings incredibly flavorful, but they come in a variety of different flavors such as mild, hot, extra hot, lemon pepper, lime chili, flaming lime, Cajun, seasoned, Thai chili, Fiesta, Teriyaki, Maple Syrup, Honey Barbecue, Spicy Barbecue, Suicide and the hottest of them all, Atomic.

Not only is the food great but it is extremely affordable. For a six piece of wings, and seasoned French fries are included, the total is  $7.25. For those that are a bit hungrier, a 12, 16, 25 or 50 pieces of hot wings is available as well.

Even though one can order the food “to go,” the restaurant is a sit down restaurant where a server will seat you, take your order and take it to your table. It is a family restaurant with plasma TV’s hanging from the ceilings so children and adults can watch TV.

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