Fitness center plans for new ‘Bio Measure’ machine

By Jorge Lopez

Obesity a big problem for Elans, East Los Angeles College’s fitness center is making progressive steps in order to make fitness exciting.

They have a surplus of machines which would include a new Bio Measure machine. The fitness center plans to get one more Bio Measure adult measuring system by the end of the spring semester. The Bio Measure is a free standing device that accurately measures weight, height, body fat percentages and calculates body mass index. At the push of a button, the Bio Measure will provide the results on a printed ticket.

Advances in technology have made this product beneficial for health because of the free range of motion machines. Coach John Meier said the machines provide full-resistance training and are good for joint health.

The fitness center also integrates televisions in the work-out rooms, making the maximum of 30 minutes of cardio go by a lot faster. Elans may have access to all the equipment by enrolling in a one-unit physical education class and is accessible during all school hours.


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