Tamales Liliana’s fills customers cravings

By Robert Ortega

For those craving real authentic Mexican food made by hand, Tamales Liliana’s is the place to stop and get your grub on. The all natural mouth drooling restaurant is the place to be. It is very convenient for East Los Angeles College students, just three minutes away from the ELAC campus. Sr. Juan Santoyo, the owner of Tamales Liliana’s, opened the restaurant in 2007.

Liliana’s offers over 50 different dishes that causes one to smell the mouth drooling food a distance away. The restaurant includes six different types of tamales. The tamales are made by hand with dough, corn husk and the preferred ingredient. The ingredients that come within the tamale depending on the customers preferred choice are Chile Rojo con carne, Chile Verde con carne, Rojas con Queso, Pollo con Verduras, Dulce (pasitas con pina) and Elote.

“Tamale’s Liliana’s is busy throughout the day, which only shows how delicious the food really is,” said Angie Perez. Perez is an everyday customer who always orders green tamales. Perez also says that “the customer service is like no other; the workers here drop whatever they are doing to satisfy your needs.” Perez has not yet come to face a bad experience as a customer. Perez recommends anyone who is craving Mexican food.

Tamales Liliana’s, which has been criticized about its mouth-watering food, is highly recommended. “Liliana’s is off the chain and also state approved with a letter ‘A’,” said Carlos Luque, a twenty-year-old Engineer major at East Los Angeles College.  “I come here three times every month and also come to celebrate any birthdays we have in our family,” said Luque.

Sergio Gutierrez, a 3-year employee at the restaurant, loves his job and said he would not choose anywhere else to work. “This is a place where everyone gets along,” said Gutierrez. “We have two locations, one on 3348 East First St. in Los Angeles and also right here on 4629 East Cesar Chavez Ave.,” said Gutierrez.

Tamales Liliana’s is open Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and the prices are very reasonable.

Every employee there is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, and works to the best their ability to give you everything you ask for in under a minute.


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  1. My spouse and i started to dive in this topic about 2003, and got upsetting experiences back then, throwing away a lot of time for nothing. I did not continue when I did not comprehend much about it having myself buried with other things. Now I am back again. Your blog is a great inspiration to me and I may let my granddad know about this.

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