Art students sell ceramic art pieces

MIX OF CERAMICS—Ikuko Harada, a veteran art student, crafted these pieces especially for the ceramics sale. CN/Kele Carraher-Quinteros

By Kele Carraher-Quinteros

Contributing Writer

Holiday shopping can be hard, but thanks to East Los Angeles College’s ceramics sale, it doesn’t have to be. The ceramics sale is being held on the west patio in front of the S2 building, with sales continuing today and tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The ceramics sale is an age-old tradition at ELAC, beginning shortly after the program started in the 1950s. It has gone on every year since. Ceramics teacher Chris Turk, said, “It’s good for students to have other people to see their work.  The feedback they receive from people outside the pottery program is more realistic and helpful than what they would receive from classmates.”

He also said that it is often an eye opener for the students in the quality of their work.  Sometimes those with self doubts about their art often find they are better than they thought. The sale is an opportunity to find pieces that are often both functional and beautiful.

The artwork for sale is often not from assignments for the class, but made for the sale itself.  Plates and bowls are often the most popular sales.

In addition to this, shoppers will be supporting ELAC’s art department, which takes a 20 percent cut from sales made.  This allows them to purchase materials and equipment they otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

In addition to being a fundraiser for the art department, the sale profits also. The pieces they sell often give them some money for their own Christmas shopping or just a little cash for themselves.



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