Measure R funds more than traffic relief

By Oscar Landeros

Measure R will bring a lot of traffic relief and provide transportation throughout the county of Los Angeles over the next 30 years.

Measure R was approved by a two-thirds majority to commit $40 billion to traffic relief and transportation upgrades. Funding projects, such as the East Side Corridor Phase Two project and the rebuilding of the El Monte station, will affect a variety of individuals such as East Los Angeles College students. It will also help current economic struggles by creating thousands of jobs and estimating millions to stimulate our economy.

The funding will foster immediate benefits, such as receiving $100 million for transportation needs, to communities in East Los Angeles and other local jurisdictions. The remaining Measure R funds will finance dozens of new transit projects such as the East Side Corridor which is scheduled to release its Environmental Impact Statement/Report to the board of Metro to reach final decisions in April.

The project was set to begin construction in 2028, but with the assistance of the 30/10 initiative, the project is set to begin construction in 2020. Chester Britt, Arellano Associates Outreach project manager on the Eastside Corridor project, said “when you get out, out of one of the 13 stations at the Pasadena Goldline, you immediately feel like you’re part of the community.”

Not only is Measure R making the existing Goldline transit convenient to riders, but current and future riders will enjoy the pleasure of low bus and light rail fares. Making 1,200 daily bus trips and serving 22,000 passengers, the El Monte station, located on the farther side of East Los Angeles, is currently under construction to double its current size and is estimated to start servicing the public around July.

Presenting outstanding statistics, such as an 82 percent increase in passenger capacity, the new El Monte station promises better service to the public. Just as Measure R is improving on the service of light rails and bus stations, it proves to be contagious in a lot more areas of public service and our environment.

It will improve the express buses and bus service to rail stations such as the Metro Goldline.Measure R also makes environmental improvements by discontinuing the last diesel fueled bus.

Measure R continues to push the boundaries of transportation funding and expresses economic triumph by providing traffic and transportation relief.

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