Long-lasting love is found around campus

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By Brian Villalba

One thing will get you through East Los Angeles College:  love.

What many of us refer to as love is in fact a combination of lust, addiction, possessiveness, interdependency and novelty. The love I am talking about is unconditional, unchanging and permanent. It is the kind of feeling we have in those friendships that last a lifetime.

Being a college student is difficult. There are all kinds of academic and personal challenges that are going to show up in your life when you are most vulnerable and least able to do something about it. According to the College Journal, 30-40 percent of college students eventually drop out of college and according to Experian-Simmons-One View, only 18.7 percent of all adults 25-54-years-old graduated from a four year college.

Studies have shown that a strong social support provides a dramatic increase in the probability that a student will eventually graduate. There is no stronger social support than the kind you get from loved ones. You will likely never have a better environment to find true friends that here at ELAC.

Students share all types of struggles and in the sharing of those struggles we find others who we gravitate toward and can’t help but love. College is a stage in our lives where some of us turn off the autopilot and actively participate in our own lives. There is a great discovery of who we are and what our place in the world is going to be.

We shouldn’t go through such a pivotal point in our lives alone. We should have our great friends with us to provide emotional support through common interests and struggles. There is safety in numbers especially if those numbers are working as a team and in support of each other.

We find these true friends by actively participating in our lives. We join a club. We join an athletic or academic team. We join Campus News. ELAC has a high level of achievement lately in both.

The reason clubs work is they are immediate and lasting circumstances to bind you together. In a club or team you are going to be spending time together for the duration of the year. You get a better chance to meet a true friend.

If you pick a club or team that is aligned with your major you can benefit from the synergy of your activities. If you are undecided, there is no safer way to explore a major than to interact with other students who have picked a major you are interested in.

The only kind of love that is cheesy is the fake limited kind. The unconditional, unchanging, permanent kind of love is the glue that holds the most successful people in the world together. Steve Jobs had Steve Wozniak, Han Solo had Chewbacca, Batman has Robin, Snookie has Dina, Bevis has Butthead.

There is always love binding great people together and great things happen as a result so defy the statistics, love someone and be great.

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