Smokers should take their butts elsewhere

By Bryan Pedroza

What’s the deal with all the students that don’t know how to read the no smoking signs around campus?

Smokers don’t take other students into consideration when choosing where to smoke. I’m not trying to make it sound as you smokers are doing something bad or wrong.

Well, wait a minute. There are a bunch of cigarette butts all over campus and you aren’t respecting the no smoking signs posted all around campus.

Students are lighting up their smokes with total disregard for everyone else. Possibly the worst place students and even instructors are smoking, and  leaving their finished butts all over the place, is at the P2 Theater Arts building.

The outside of the entrances says it clear as day, “No smoking within 30 ft.” My question is why aren’t you people stepping away, to let others, I don’t know, breathe?

I’m not saying don’t smoke. Hey, they’re your lungs, do what you like with them. I myself used to smoke. Yes, I used to smoke myself. I used to love lighting up a frag with my Zippo lighter after a tough day, week or whatever.

However, I was doing it to try to look cool. I mean let’s be real, isn’t that the reason why people do it?  For myself I suppose it started when I was younger watching action movies.

The hero would be saving the damsel in distress and shooting 20  villains  single-handedly, while smoking. Watching that gave me the impression that smoking was something cool people do. My friends would all smoke, so it was a matter of time before I picked up the habit. I suppose I was just trying to fit in. I certainly don’t like it any more.

It’s a disgusting habit. It gives you horrible breath and yellows your teeth. It gives you shortness of breath and most importantly will lead to cancer of the mouth or lungs. That’s precisely why I decided to quit.

Can you imagine how pissed-off I get when I see you people walking around campus puffing away as if there’s no tomorrow? I really hate having to pass through a puff of smoke to get into a building just to get to class.

After they’re done smoking, they throw their butts on the floor. It makes our campus look disgusting. I literally have walked 15 steps and seen cigarette butts at every step. It’s unnecessary.

I’ve even seen on the stairs of the technology center, a guy smoking a cigar. I went in between floors and the guy was puffing away. Are you taking a smoke break or are you just trying to look cool, trying to impress someone?

Go somewhere other than the entrance of buildings to smoke. Really, is that too much to ask?

Are you too caught up trying to look cool that you don’t consider other people, mainly the students of this campus?

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