Healthy choices benefit in long run

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By Jane Fernandez

Keeping up with a healthy diet can be hard for most college students, considering their hectic schedules.

A small number of us may have the time to fix ourselves a good breakfast before going to school. However, not many of us even think about what we are going to eat for lunch, much less have time to pack lunch, find a place to heat it up at school and sit down to eat. The majority of us start our day without anything in our stomachs.

By the time we get a break in between classes, we rush to the student store or to the nearest fast food restaurant for something to eat. As a nutrition major, I take an interest in what people around me eat. While walking around campus, last week, I decided to look around to see what my fellow students were eating.

Most students had a bag of chips in their hands or were carrying fast food restaurant bags along with a cup of soda. I may not eat as well as I would like to, but I know I wouldn’t eat what I saw most students eating. That is when I asked myself, doesn’t this school offer healthy foods to students? Most of them are eating junk food.

I have nothing against processed foods or eating from the lunch truck, because that is what we have in our reach while we’re at school, but I  do try to eat food from home as much as possible. I wait till I’m out of school to eat or bring a homemade snack. I had never really taken interest on going to the vending machine or to the student store for food.

My interest arose since I wanted to see what were the options students had for snacks around campus. What I found was no big surprise to me. There’s food to satisfy our taste buds and help end our hunger till our class ends. What seemed to be an endless option of sweets, chips and sodas quickly turned into an endless possibility for substituting the unhealthy with the healthy.

As my eyes grew big with excitement  as I told my friend, who went for the sugary snack, that he could get a pack of raw almonds and it would be better for him. It wasn’t just the almonds that I grew excited about but the unsalted nuts, as well as the baby carrot packs, the fresh sandwiches and other options in drinks other than sodas. The prices we’re not the cheapest, but it was less than getting a cheeseburger, small fries and soda.

Why spend $20 a week, maybe even more, on foods that will harm your health, both inside and out? Why not spend the same amount of money on food that will give you the right nutrients and not harm you? We should really consider the way we eat and start changing our habits.

Everyone should take the time to explore other options around them when it comes to eating. We must always keep in mind that a healthy diet will be beneficial throughout our lives and our bodies will thank us in the long run.


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