1920s ‘Nosferatu’ still impresses

By David Bilbao

“Nosferatu” is a known classic in the movie business, living through 90 years as an original tale of horror and fright.

“Nosferatu” first premiered March 5, 1922 in Berlin, Germany. Nosferatu lived on, telling its tale elsewhere in the world throughout the decades. In the same month of its premiere, Mohanda’s Ganhndi was being imprisoned six years for disobedience by British magistrates, Babe Ruth signed on for three years to the Yankees and Italian fascists occupied Fiume, Rijeka.

Just a small glimpse at the world’s atmosphere of events when it was released. Nosferatu is based on Count Orlok of Transylvania buying an abandon estate in Wisboug, Germany. A real estate agent’s assistant Hutter, a young charismatic man, played by Gustav von Wangerneim, is told to travel to Transylvania to collect the count’s signature of approval.

The voyage to Transylvania is filled with strange happenings and eerie stories of Count Orlok which giving Hutter an uneasy trip. The portrayal of each character in the movie was vivid and life-like. The actor playing Count Orlok (Max Schreck) gives his audience an eerie look towards Nosfertu’s creepy vampiric figure.

Hutter showed a great display as his character approaches his mysterious voyage to Transylvania, making the character his own. Even though the movie is black and white, the gothic feel isn’t ignored. For what this classic picture lacks in color and effects, it makes up in great acting and a clear movie plot.

Nosferatu is an hour and a half long, so it isn’t too long compared to other great films which leave your  bum numb afterward.

The black and white film is silent, so it shares dialog in separate captions.  Nosferatu was inspired by the story of Dracula in its vampire lore and their approach towards their supernatural curse. Nowadays, the vampire lore and approach towards their curse is distorted into various accounts for better or worse.

Nosferatu delivers a classic approach towards vampires different from modern books and television series’s. Seeing the movie with fresh eyes can give you an idea how far the vision of the vampire has come. Nosferatu is a fine option for a late night watching with friends or loved ones.

The movie has reached many different audiences throughout the years. Nosferatu can be watched on Netflix.  The gothic horror-thriller is a sure bet when it comes to quality movies.

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