ELAC plans to increase security

By Alexander Acedo

Learning from past mistakes, the new parking structure will have surveillance cameras.

The cameras will be placed in every level of the stairs, elevators  entry and exits of parking structure 4. These cameras will be recording all day for a 30 day cycle. Although they are not being monitored, they may be reviewed if there are any questions raised by the sheriffs. The sheriffs can ask Information Technology for the time and date so they may review it.

According to Gonzalo Mendoza, the college information system manager, the cameras will not be monitored because there are too many cameras to keep track of. The cameras in parking structure 4 are part of the original design for the structure. There were a few break-ins in parking lot 3, which is located directly across from the swimming pool.

Items such as lap tops and other valuable belongings went missing. Since then, there has been cameras installed in the entrances and exits of parking structure 3. “The general objective is to bring a sense of security and comfort for students, faculty and staff,” said Mendoza.

There has not been any discussions of cameras being placed in our stadium parking lot but it is a possibility. There are currently cameras on campus and although there aren’t any discussions for more it is a possibility that there will be. If an intruder is approaching ELAC and notices that there is a camera then they’ll think twice before breaking into cars or writing on walls.

If they don’t notice then chances are the surveillance cameras will catch them committing their crime. After being informed about stolen property in the parking structure, ELAC student Yesenia Acosta said, “The cameras are a good thing, there is a bunch of savages in this school.”

Mendoza said, the initial objective was to at least have the entry and exits of parking lot 3 under surveillance, but would like to have more installed so parking lot 3 and parking lot 4 will be the same. Having the cameras on every level, entrances and exits of the structure and in the elevator increases the chances of catching the criminal. As opposed to only having them in the entrances and exits.

Surveillance cameras will not be watching students inside their cars. They are simply there just to secure the structure of any possible vandalism and to keep students and staff and their belongings safe.


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