Shop revolutionizes fruit

Fruit Galore – Fruit Revolution's fruit salads are made with bite-sized strawberries, grapes, and pineapples and are topped with raisins, granola and cottage cheese. CN/Jamie Lopez


By Jamie Lopez

Fruit Revolution is known for their delicious, fresh, and natural smoothies, subs, crepes, raspados (shaved ice), bionicos (spanish for fruit salads with yogurt) and espressos.

Capturing the feel of an old school cafe, this small shop is decorated with colorful fruit paintings all around the inside. It has seating inside and outside. In total, there are five tables and a bar section, but no alcoholic beverages are served.

Fresh fruits are used daily for customer’s satisfaction. The employees cut fruit in front of the customers, making their food freshly made. Not only does the food taste good, it smells good.  The shop is kept clean and welcoming, which manages to keep the vibe very tropical and chill.

Aside from all the dessert selections, sandwiches are also sold. The variety ranges from classic to gourmet sandwiches.   The classic sandwiches include your choice of tuna, ham or turkey and/or ham and turkey with your choice of wheat, sourdough or multi grain bread.

The gourmet sandwiches are served on a grilled ciabatta bread with mixed greens in a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Grilled, spicy and chipotle chicken, veggie delight, Cobb Panini, Roman Chicken and Genoaare also on the menu.  Fresh fruit, milk shakes, smoothies, frappes, juices, defense juices, snow cones, fresh strawberries with cream, and fruit cocktails are available.

Energy Booster, Fully Loaded, Anti-Stress, Flu-Fighter, Weight-Reducer, Anti-Cholesterol, Diabetes Controller, Circulation Promoter and Headache Buster are on the menu.

For people who don’t know what bionicos are, its bite sized fresh strawberries, topped with their special sweet cream with granola, raisins and coconuts.  The fruit cocktails have three different options, which are natural, spicy and sweet style.

Fruit Revolution also prepares several types of fresh crepes. One type is sweet crepes, which includes cream, Nutella, yogurt and peanut butter.  Another type is savory crepes, including cheese, ham eggs, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, even chicken. They also make the crepes right in front of you and you can smell the mix that creates the crepes.

It doesn’t stop there. They also carry salads like tuna, caesar chicken, berry nuts apple fusion and Mediterranean.   Fruit revolution also has free local delivery service within 3 miles. They also cater meetings and parties. Their two locations are in Montebello and Walnut.

Not only is all the food made fresh when you order they have fresh summer fruit all year round. Its always fresh and natural. Fruit Revolution gives customers the option of creating their own meal or ordering what is typically offered in the menu.

From refreshing drinks, fresh fruit creations, meals, to catering Fruit Revolution has it all.


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