Cities adds international variety to its menu

BACON WRAP-Appetizers of tasty bacon wrapped dates and almonds are highlighted at Cities Restaurant in East Los Angeles.

By Daniella Molina

New taste has been added to the city of East los Angeles.

A two minute drive from East Los Angeles College, Cities Restaurant has a very different menu from Taco Bell, Carls Jr., or any other restaurant located on Avenida Cesar Chavez. Matter of Fact, they like to change their menu every month.

A revolving menu theme has been designed to bring flavors from around the world to East Los Angeles. “It’s called World Wide Cities. Every first Saturday of the month we will introduce something new from a different country, like Paris, Asia and other countries,” said owner Oscar Macias.

Cities’s regular menu offers a wide variety of traditional lunch and dinner entrees, with a city twist, such as, the hand crafted fried chicken plate. Cities fried chicken has been prepared with a secret batter recipe and infused with sweet soy and Asian flavors. “It’s not like KFC chicken. Actually it’s one of my favorites,” said Macias.

Served with mushroom risotto and sautéed vegetables, the fried chicken is a very filling plate. Reasonably-priced half sandwiches, salads and soups are available for lunch.

Pastas, steaks and salmon with potatoes in lasagna are some of the dinner entrees that are served. Amazing appetizers like the bacon wrapped dates are a must.

Bite sized pieces of cheese wrapped in bacon, drizzled with almond dressing and tamarind honey sauce, and only cost $6.  As expected, the dinners are a little pricier, but good lunch is available for about $10.

Avenida Cesar Chavez has an array of fast food places like McDonalds, El Pollo Loco and The Hat, where most staff and students eat due to the proximity to campus.  But if ever one feels to wonder a bit further west on Cesar Chavez, Cities Restaurant is a great place to stop by. “There’s nothing like it around here. We wanted to give people a variety,” said Macias.

Staff is friendly and service is prompt.  The 4,000 square foot venue is fresh and clean. Two stories have been fully renovated and custom designed decor has been completely set up for a fresh calm experience.  A patio and cushioned areas are available for cocktails or private parties.

Once the dinners come to an end, the staff clears away tables and chairs. DJ’s and several bar staff members are brought in and the entire place is transformed into party central. “Friday nights are starting to get busier but Saturday nights are always good,” said bartender Steve Cook.

Jazz nights are currently taking place from 7 to 9:30 p.m. followed by an upscale club atmosphere until 2 a.m. on Saturday nights.

“I love working here. Everyone here is cool to work with and the crowd is great,” said bartender Jesse Moreno. Whether it be for a quick lunch, date night or special event, Cities Restaurant stands as the new place for locals to dine, dance or un-wind.

Cities Restaurant is located at 4512 Avenida Cesar E. Chavez near the corner of Cesar Chavez and Ford Blvd. For more information,  visit



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