Three sisters make ‘Norteno’ music

By Joe Ruiz

Most groups begin with friends getting together to make music, to have fun and to spend more time with each other and end up feeling like siblings.

Hermanas Martínez is a “Norteño,” Regional Mexican group of actual sisters who have now been playing for 10 years. The group consists of three young, talented sisters: bassist and vocalist, Leticia Martínez; guitarist and vocalist, Alicia Martínez; drummer and accordionists, Kathy Martínez.  Though all three sisters were born and raised in Los Angeles, they are proud to be from Michoacán, México.

It all began with Alicia and Kathy’s curiosity to learn how to play any instrument, which motivated Alicia to take violin lessons in fifth grade.  “Nothing really started until Kathy began to insist that she wanted to learn how to play the guitar,” said Leticia. “Dad bought her a guitar but nothing happened until both Alicia and Kathy came home with a flyer that encouraged both to attend the ‘Lalo Guerrero School of Music.’”

Leticia was hesitant to the idea of learning how to play an instrument, but began to take an interest in music after family encouragement.  The three sisters showed interest in music and became significant to teacher, Lalo Guerrero, who then influenced them to begin a trio. “After two months of guitar and percussion lessons, we performed for the first time in the ‘12th annual Corn Festival in 2003,’” said Alicia.

Since then, Hermanas Martínez have has been a crowd pleaser wherever they go and have received various recognitions from the city of Los Angeles and other community festivals.

Their music is an enjoyable, and quiet catchy norteño sounds, making anyone want to dance and sing along to their songs.  Though they are extremely talented, music is not their number one priority in the future.  “For the three of us music is an option for a future career,” said Kathy, “We hope to continue with music as long as people enjoy seeing us perform and continue supporting Hermanas Martinez, to one day make it big and take our music abroad.”

The three attend CSULA, one of them, Alicia, attended ELAC and will transfer out to West Coast University in the fall to pursue her nursing career.  “I heard ELAC was offering courses equivalent to the courses I needed,” said Alicia, “so I immediately enrolled so I could avoid staying in school more years.”

“Sometimes it is difficult to manage school, work, and music; we have to be dedicated to both school and music because we must be prepared in both careers,” said Leticia.  No matter how complicated the situations can get managing school and music, they have handled it well. “As students during the week we can focus on another career that interests us and also meet other people,” said Alicia, “We also love performing on weekends because we are given the opportunity to meet other local and international artists.”

They are very thankful with all the fans and followers of Hermanas Martínez and would like to thank everyone for supporting their group.  “We would like to thank the person who made a fan club, and all the people who are following that page on Facebook as well,” said Alicia, “We still need to find more about the club to make it official and we hope to do that soon.”

To find out more about Hermanas Martínez, you can add them on Facebook or subscribe to their channel, HermanasMartinez3, on YouTube.

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