The First Week of School

Photos by Freddy Monares

PACKED—Victoria Ramos(Left), Raul Meza, Joselinne Lima and Sophia Galvan find a spot on the floor at the new library. The four blame the first week of school for the crowding in the library but are comfortable being next to the restrooms and the water fountain.
WALKWAY—Students pack the walkway between E3 and E5 buildings rushing to get to class. This is a common sight for students trying to get from one side of the campus to the other.
COPY THAT—Lisset Chavez (left) and Denise Gallardo frustrated with the copy machines in the new library. Chavez and Gallardo said some copiers don’t work and don’t have signs warning students that feed the machines money.















EXPRESS CENTER—Roberto Martinez and Juliana Carrillo enjoy looking up books in the new library with using the express center. They said computers were open when they walked up and did not wait at all.
PACK IT UP—Students pack the library the first few days of school to get an early start on work.

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