Kung Fu Tea Bar brings retro decor to Monterey Park

SIMPLY SWEET-The Fresh Fruit Green Tea (left) and Honey Pudding Milk Tea with Boba (right) are among Kung Fu Tea Bar’s creative drinks offered for under $4.


By Erik Luna


The grand opening of Kung Fu Tea Bar has already welcomed many with its retro decor, Asian pop music and a menu that offers affordable meat dishes ranging from the Taiwanese Minced Pork Bowl ($4.99) to the Enoki Beef Bowl ($5.99).

Curious customers entered this new location enjoying its free Wi-Fi, outside dining and student specials.

Although the music may be distracting for studying, its comfortable setting offers a great place for students to socialize, catch up on homework and eat.

Their double-sided menu had both desserts, teas, snow ices, rice plates, stir-fried plates and even brick toast.

The drinks are creative and appealing to both the eye and sweet tooth. Their red bean smoothie ($3.58)  was deliciously refreshing with its sweet undertones. During this heat, the chilly texture blended perfectly with the flavor of red beans as they sat under the slush.

The mango milk smoothie ($3.58) was mellow and contained hints of vanilla. Its creamy texture is what sets this treat apart.

Smoothies and iced milk teas are reasonably sized and their plastic cups are fun to hold. They are short and fat making you feel as though you’ll never finish your drink.

The sweet cream brick toast ($3.85) was simplistic at first sight as one lingering piece of brick toast was adorned with one sliced strawberry and what seemed to be a ladle of sweetness. It seemed almost      too sweet to finish.

This place is well suited for students and people who enjoy a variety of sweet drinks and coffee.

Students might be attracted to the $2.50 BBQ chicken bento student special which combines white rice and steamed vegetables. The $4.99 student specials carry BBQ chicken, a fried fish fillet and vegetables.

Another key attraction for students would be the free Wi-Fi and ability to print for $.10 a page, away from campus and the crowded local Starbucks.

Kung Fu Tea Bar is located on 2215 S. Atlantic Blvd., Monterey Park, CA. 91754. It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.




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