‘Branded’ aims to confuse audience

By Erik Luna

Advertising might not always be intriguing, but in the new mystery-action movie “Branded” it takes on a whole new life.

The movie, which is a half love story, half confusion incarnate, takes place in Moscow where advertising controls what people eat, watch and drink.

The protagonist of the movie Misha Galkin, portrayed by Ed Stoppard, is an advertising specialist who goes mad once he discovers the truth behind advertising.

The first half is of Galkin getting into the advertising game with Bob Gibbons, portrayed by Jeffrey Tambor.

The second half showed Galkin trying to destroy monsters that no one can see.

It is a complete 360 degree turn from the beginning of the film.

Tambor, who is one of the more main stream stars of the movie, doesn’t put that much into his role.

He has few comedic moments, but that’s about it.

Random moments make this movie a bit more enjoyable.

Some of these moments resemble “Family Guy” jokes, which is a nice change from the mass confusion this movie causes.

The dialogue in the movie is quite entertaining, especially from Galkin.

His descent into madness makes for a awkwardly-hilarious moment of clarity, in which he delivers a psychobabble speech to his on-screen girlfriend Abby, portrayed by Leelee Sobieski.

This movie will either speak to viewers, or completely confuse and lose them. It is a perfect combination of a confused plot.

Some of it is in Russian, so if reading subtitles isn’t a desirable way to spend the night, this movie is not recommended.

The movie, which was directed by Jamie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Dulerayn, was originally named “The Mad Cow,” which plays into one of the more bizarre scenes in the movie – those who are squeamish beware.

The graphics are mediocre, at best, and the camera tends to shake constantly during the “monster” scenes.

The concept is surely original, yet it will definitely receive some peculiar responses.

The movie runs for 106, long and confusing minutes and has an R rating for foul language, sex-related humor and partial nudity.


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