‘Hotel Transylvania’ welcomes monster laughs

By Cristina Galvan

If people want to watch a funny and entertaining movie, Hotel Transylvania will be a good choice.

The movie revolves around Count Dracula, who tries to protect his only daughter Mavis from the human world. To do so, Dracula builds a luxurious hotel where he lives with her. The hotel is also a mecca for all monsters including Frankenstein, a wolf and his family, and the invisible man, who could all relax and have peace without worrying about being persecuted by humans.

 As Dracula is preparing Marvis’ 118th birthday, the unexpected occurs, a human named Jonathan enters the hotel. To hide his identity from the rest of the monsters, Dracula dresses him up and calls him Johnny Stein. He also tells the hotel guest that Johnny is a distant relative of Frankenstein, who is helping plan Mavis’ birthday.

Mavis who is curious about the human world grows fond of Johnny and wants to know more about him. Johnny adds a spark of fun to the hotel, but Dracula wants him out because Marvis is developing feelings for him.

When Johnny’s true identity is revealed, during Marvis’ birthday bash, Johnny runs away but not before calling Mavis a monster. As everything is falling apart¸ Dracula calls on the help of his fellow monsters to help him find Johnny because he realizes that Johnny is his daughters love.

In the quest to find Johnny, the monsters accidentally enter a Monster Fest where they see that humans are not how they are perceived. After finding Johnny, Dracula presents his daughter with a backpack to go backpacking and explore the world.

To Mavis’ surprise, Johnny is attached to the backpack. The movie has good, funny jokes that make the audience chuckle and is entertaining for both adults and children. It is a good movie to go watch with younger siblings or children.

The only thing is that the film is somewhat slow and predictable, despite that it teaches parents a lesson. It teaches parents to not be too overprotective of children. There comes an age when children have to see the world for themselves. Adam Sandler voices Dracula, while Selena Gomez voices Mavis.

Other big names who lend their voices to the film include, Kevin James, David Spade, Fran Drescher and Andy Samberg. The film was produced by Genndy Tartakovsky and was released Sept. 28, 2012. The film is also available in 3D and runs for 91 minutes.

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