Cal States Prop 30’s outcome

By Vivian Ramirez


For students currently applying to transfer to a California State University for fall 2013, the November election can make the difference between an acceptance and rejection.

Pending the results of Proposition 30, all CSU campuses are withholding applications for all students who apply.

While students may still apply through Nov 30 to transfer for the fall 2013 semester, they will not receive admission notices until after Nov. 30.

“Many Cal State schools…traditionally let students know if they got in or not within a couple of days or weeks of submitting their CSU application,” Director of the Transfer Center Paulina Palomino said.

“(But they) are waiting for the results of the election to determine how many students they will be able to invite to their campuses,” she said.

Proposition 30 is the tax initiative proposed by the governor and for which the 2012-13 state budget is written.

Proposition 30 plans to raise the personal income tax for the state’s wealthiest earners, people who make more than $250,000, as well as a one-fourth of a cent sales tax over the next four years.

The number of students CSUs can enroll every year dependends on the amount of funding an available budget.

“Our ELAC students will apply but few will actually get in because there will be fewer available spaces for admission at the UC and the Cal State system,” Palomino said.

If Proposition 30 is not approved, the CSU budget will be cut $250 million, drastically restricting the amount of incoming students the institution can accept.

In addition, the University of California system will also suffer a $250 million reduction and K-14 (which includes community colleges) a $5.4 billion reduction.

“Some students are realizing that it may be difficult to not only get in, but also complete, their academic journey,” Palomino said.

Given the dire situation, more transfer students might be inclined to apply to private and out-of-state colleges.  Another option is to apply for an Associate Degree for Transfer, which is the only condition under which CSUs are accepting mid-year applicants.

“(If Proposition 30 does not pass), ELAC students will have to wait (to transfer). The other option would be applying to private colleges,” Palomino said.

“Many students are beginning to explore those options because in many cases out-of-state universities’ tuition is lower than even California public university tuition,” she said.

Students should note that Propositions 30 and 38 cannot be passed simultaneously because they are conflicting. The proposition receiving more “yes” votes will go into effect.  Election Day is Nov. 5.

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