Rally promotes Prop 30 awareness

By Erik Luna


Students and faculty members of East Los Angeles College gathered together for a “Unity Rally,” to raise awareness for Proposition 30 and why people should vote for it.

Proposition 30, which has the potential to raise $6 billion dollars for public education annually by increasing taxes on earnings over $250,000 for seven years, will be put to a vote in November.

The rally, which took place yesterday, also stressed the fact that people should vote no on Proposition 32. Proposition 32 will prohibit unions and corporate contributions to candidates and their committees.

Proposition 32’s fiscal impact would be an increased cost to state and local government, potentially exceeding $1 million annually, to implement and enforce the measure’s requirement.

The point of the name “Unity Rally,” was to emphasize that if everyone united to vote for the same cause, it would tip the favor in the side of Proposition 30.

“The most important message that we can give to the students and to the people passing by is ‘go vote’,” ELAC interim President Farley Herzek said. “If each person gets 20 people to vote…, then we can get this proposition down,” Herzek continued.

Along with students and faculty, children from the child development center were brought in to march with the rally.

Everyone started chanting “hey ho! Budget cuts have got to go,” including the some of the children. “It’s important to show the kids participating, because they are the future,” Tonya McMillian of Local 99 said.

“Prop 30 will stop the budget cuts. Aren’t you guys sick of being put up on the chopping block?” asked McMillian the crowd.

Associated Student Union President Jennifer Estrada held out tape to separate the children from the other demonstrators.

“What better way to show to these kids how to actively participate in these types of demonstrations for change,” Estrada said.

“In the end, we need people to go out and vote, because if they don’t all this would be pointless,” she continued.

Some students, who happened to be passing by the ELAC letters at the time the rally reached its final location, started listening to the speeches.

“I’ve heard a lot about Prop 30 these past few weeks, but I never really read into it,” Elan Juan Sandoval said. “This rally has provided me a bit of information, but I still have to get more informed,” he concluded.

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