‘Walking Debt’ digests Proposition 30

FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS—Community college students from the Los Angeles Comunnity College District’s Southern California campuses including ELAC protested and raised awareness for Proposition 30. The students marched from City Hall in Downtown LA to the Governor’s office last Friday. CN/Gregory Reyes


By Dorian Rangel


Students from the Los Angeles Community College District’s Southern California campuses dressed up like zombies and marched in support of Proposition 30.

The march, which was held last Friday in downtown Los Angeles, took place from City Hall to the Governors  Jerry Brown’s office.

The event’s page on Facebook said “Beware: zombies will attempt to prevent us from achieving our goals with their insidious debt and lack of funds. Will you make it through the end?”

Community College students are receiving letters that their applications to four-year universities are on hold pending the outcome of Proposition 30. Students being affected by the proposition, marched.

Students chanted to “spread the word on ‘Yes on 30’ while dressed as zombies to get people’s attention,” Elia Ramirez, a Pasadena City College student said.

The march included two groups – human and zombies. Just as the humans reached Governor’s office, a zombie attack on them ensued.

The attack symbolized how budget cuts will slow down and harm education in California.

Together both groups continued to chant at the Governor’s office, “You say cutbacks, we say fightback,” and “Hey hey, ho ho, budget cuts have got to go.”

John Frasier and Nicole Hutchinson of Los Angeles Valley College emphasized why Proposition 30 should pass and what it would mean to students if it did not.

California’s public schools and community colleges face $6 billion in devastating cuts this year alone. Grades K-12 will be cut off from education three weeks early, ending school in early May.

This semester, 485,000 community college students were not able to add classes.

Tadzio Garcia, Jenny Hernandez and Mariah Maravilla also contributed to this story. 

AT STAKE – OUR FUTURE-The zombie vigil, which brought awareness to Proposition 30, gets brought up to date on the issues from ELAC student Herlin Li, above, last Friday, Oct.



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