People should not use body as canvas

Body Canvas Cartoon by Bryan Pedroza
Body Canvas Cartoon by Bryan Pedroza

By Augustine Ugalde


I’m old school. I am putting this right out there from the start so that there can be no question from where this is coming from.

Am I the only person at East Los Angeles College that is disgusted with this generation’s obsession of tattooing the body?

It seems that tattooing is getting out of control these days, especially with women.

A day doesn’t pass that I don’t see women walking around the campus with the back of their necks, lower back, or their breasts tattooed with the flavor of the month.

I’m sure that these women think they are being very stylish and chic, but really ladies…it doesn’t look good at all.

Tattooed women, and men also, seem to not realize the permanency of a tattoo.

It is of the same sort of mentality that young people use when considering their own mortality.

Dying is something that happens to your grandpa Joe or your aunt Beatriz. Not to me though, I’m never going to die.

Well, tattoos are as unforgiving as death.

The tattoo you get today will be there when you are a young adult in your late 20s, and it will still be there when you are in your 30s.

When you reach your 40th birthday, that tattoo you got when you were 19 of your ex-boyfriend, Mayhem, will still be there.

It will still be there when you’re a grandmother in your 50s and 60s and then again when you become a great-grandmother in your 70s.

Of course, it won’t look quite the same, simply because you won’t look the same either.

It will be faded, bunched-up and surrounded by loose and discolored skin that has been ravaged by the relentless passage of time.

There is nothing more pathetic than to see an old, great-grandmother type walking down the street with “Mi Vida Loca” tattooed across her breasts.

Today’s women are much more sophisticated and chic though.

They spend hundreds of dollars on these elaborate tats that do nothing more than damage their look.

They would argue that tattooing is an art, and that it is form of expression on the part of the individual. I disagree.

The only artist at work here is the person creating the tattoo, not the person getting it. There are better ways of expressing yourself than by fouling your body.

Take a creative writing course; learn to sculpt, paint or play an instrument.

These disciplines will develop your creativity and allow you to become expressive in ways that will make you proud.

Another problem with the “I’m expressing myself” argument is that getting tattooed doesn’t require any effort or discipline.

All it takes is shelling-out a couple  hundred financial aid dollars.

Tattooing your body is like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa or tagging a beautiful mural created by a true artist with your insignificant plaque.

Taggers destroy the beauty of the world we live in. Women who tattoo their bodies destroy their own beauty.

So the next time you get the urge to get an Angry Birds tattoo on your breasts, or some sort of deep, philosophical, Zen-like, tattoo on the back of your neck, take a deep breath, save your money, and enroll in a ceramics class.










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