Aerosmith takes listeners to “Another Dimension”

By Jair Fuentes

Legendary rock band, Aerosmith, return with a brand new album, reminiscent of their greatest hits, entitled “Music from Another Dimension!”

It is the band’s first studio album containing original material since 2001, their 2004 album consisted of covers.  This is their 15th album overall.

“Music from Another Dimension!” has a vibe that represents a little from each decade of the band’s career. Because of this, there is something for everyone and fans from different generations can all enjoy it.

The album kicks-off with an old-school horror feel, transporting listeners to, as the title suggests, “another dimension.” The opening song, “LUV XXX” is a high-octane track which makes listeners feel as if they are at an Aerosmith concert. It has a live feel.

It continues with several great songs such as the single-worthy, “Oh Yeah” and “Street Jesus,” which both have the potential to become classic stadium anthems.

The lead single, “Legendary Child,” is also great, and musically it contains slight hints of their classic hit “Walk This Way.”

The album also contains rock ballads for which the band has become famous. The second single, “What Could Have Been Love” could easily fit on any of their past albums. As well as the country-rock ballad, “Can’t Stop Lovin’ You” which features American Idol winner, Carrie Underwood.

The most notable track is “Out Go the Lights.”  At six minutes and 55 seconds, it is the longest song on the album. In a rare occasion, the band utilizes background singers to create a soulful funk number. The last minute of the song consists of heavenly guitar riffs accompanied with well-balanced vocals.

Lead singer Steven Tyler still sounds amazing after so many years. His dramatic vocals and over the top wailing has never sounded better.

Interestingly enough, this album marks the first time bassist Tom Hamilton sings on one of the tracks. Lead guitarist, Joe Perry also contributes to vocals, as well as Johnny Depp and Lauren Alaina, who appear briefly on backgrounds.

“Music From Another Dimension!” is the band’s best work in years. The album is available in stores now. It comes in standard form or a deluxe edition containing a DVD of music videos, aptly titled, “Videos from Another Dimension!”

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