Students choose ELAC in order to succeed

By Gabby Osei


Colleges are designed for academic success and each student has their own ideal path in life and plans to achieve their goals.

The difference between the way students view their college varies from the student’s goals. Some are here just passing by while others take total advantage of their resources.

Gabriela Alvear has made the transition from Pasadena Community College to East Los Angeles College two years ago and ever since has called ELAC her home.

Colleges such as PCC and ELAC are known for offering an extended amount of classes per semester, Alvear felt.

“PCC made it nearly impossible to register for classes that were needed to transfer,” Alvear said.

After trasferring to ELAC, Alvear realizes that she enjoys it here more. ELAC is not as crowded as PCC, there is accessible parking and many teachers are approachable and helpful.

The environment for Alvear has been positive and the usage of academic resources, such as tutoring services and counseling are limitless.

“My counselor is straight forward about what I need to get done in order to reach my goal. My math teacher Gabriel Castro also goes beyond expectations and makes sure every student learns as much as the student wants,” Alvear said

Contrary to Alvear, other students do not feel the same and it is not by accident these students have ended up here.

Jaree Crawford recently moved to Los Angeles and transferred from Mt. San Jacinto to ELAC and for him ELAC was simply “convenient.”

With the goal of earning an associates degree, Crawford, who is also a member of the 2012-13 Huskies men’s basketball team looks forward to a nice campus, community environment, counselors and teachers.

He feels the level of academics is not too demanding and his level of focus has changed. “The coaches here are more on you to be in class,” Crawford said.

His support as a student comes solely from his counselor, but he feels uncomfortable with approaching his teachers.

Cousins Chris Brown of Monroe College and Fred Brown of PCC are also new to ELAC, but feel the teachers here are neglectful.

“The teachers just throw you out there and are not willing to help you,” Fred Brown said. Their transitions were made solely on basketball and being able to play at home again.

Although Chris Brown has found more locations on campus to study, he feels his teachers are biased and do not try to help.

Brown was having difficulties signing onto moodle and having asked his teacher if he could turn in the assignment again, she said to him couldn’t help him with that. The only support he feels at ELAC is from his coaches and counselor.

The amount of classes offered per semester attracted me as a student to ELAC during the 2011 summer session. I was able to take two classes because the maximum amount of units was six.

That for me was very impressive because being from Pierce College, there were only a select amount of core classes offered.

Having passed both classes and building relationships with my teachers, I decided to return for the fall semester.

Being at ELAC brought out the best in me. I have always been a go getter, and I made sure I got the classes I wanted and needed at any expense, even if it meant traveling the distance.

Since I have been a student here at ELAC, my GPA has improved, my goals are more realistic and I am more motivated.

Vanessa Mizzone, who teaches Theatre 100, has been the most influential. Mizzone created a great learning environment for her students where everyone felt comfortable.

I then decided to take another course with Mizzone because of her wonderful persona.

The course  Threatre 240 emphasizes voice and articulation which helped me on many different levels.

I feel better spreaking in front of people as well and it gave me a boost of confidence in the area that I wanted to persue

Average students who are self-motivated and the student athletes who have goals to meet, create their own opinions of ELAC.

Student athletes have a two-year block to transfer and participate in collegiate sports before transferring to a four-year university.

The average student is now allowed three attempts at each class and is encouraged to set up an academic educational plan with their counselor to minimize their time at the community college.

ELAC is a positive environment for all students.

ELAC teachers are welcoming and help students out and that’s what makes this school more attractive in the eyes of students from other community colleges.

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