Breakfast helps students focus in studies

Brain Food Cartoon CN/Edward Singleton

By Anna Quach

Some people think skipping breakfast can be seen as a way of saving time in the morning or losing weight. Wrong.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It starts off our metabolism and it gives us energy to start off our day.

As for students, it will give us better concentration at school as well. The term “breakfast” literally means to break the fasting period of the prior night.

Skipping breakfast is crucial because it is not good to starve ourselves and wait until we are extremely hungry to eat.  By then, we will only eat a bigger portion and that is worse for our metabolism.

Studies show that many people who do not eat breakfast snack on foods that are high in fat and sugar. People who skip breakfast are unlikely to make up their daily requirements for vitamins and minerals they need in their body.

Studies also point out that during early and mid-adolescence years, bad eating patterns are very strongly associated with health compromising behaviors like the use of tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. Skipping breakfast within adults and adolescents has an effect on smoking, infrequent exercise, a low level of education and frequent alcohol use.

Eating breakfast is also important in maintaining a healthy body weight. If losing weight is a priority, remember to not skip breakfast. People who eat breakfast are more successful in losing weight.

Personally, eating breakfast helps me start off my metabolism. When I was trying to eat healthy to get into shape, I ate five small meals a day and breakfast was included as one of them.

When I was in my teenage years, I thought that eating a meal or two a day would help me lose weight, so that’s what I did. But that was only temporary weight loss. After a certain amount of time, the body starts to crave for the nutrients that it hasn’t been getting.

Eating something light for breakfast is the best option. It will start the day off fresh, rather than eating something heavy and feeling sluggish.

People who are hungry are less likely to concentrate because they constantly think about food, which can cause a person’s mind to be a little scattered.

Eating breakfast makes me a brighter person. When I don’t eat breakfast, I don’t feel fully awake. I am constantly anticipating for lunch time to come.

Breakfast also really affects the mood. Hunger has a potential to put people in a bad mood. It tends to make people less irrational and impatient. I’ve witnessed some friends who don’t act like themselves when they’re hungry, and that is not a pretty sight to see.

Eating breakfast at the table with the family is always a good idea. There is no better way than starting off the day with family.

Foods on the go like granola bars or fruits are also a great choice considering that time is an issue. For those who rush every morning, eating something small is always better than eating nothing.


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