Winter registration begins early for Elans

By Juan Lepe


Students of East Los Angeles College stood in line outside the main admission office last Wednesday to register for the upcoming winter session 2013.

The students’ enthusiasm quickly turned to frustration, when they found out that their first and second choices were already full and closed by 12:30 pm.

Students received an email with a registration appointment date and time, from Nov. 14 to 16. Students were limited to five units for the winter session. Some departments only offered one or two classes.

“So far it’s just very complicated and very frustrating. It seems like a lot of the workers in admissions have no desire to really help you. It seems like they just want a quick process. It’s complicated and they really have no structure to it,” said student Alexis Arzaluz, while trying to register for winter courses.

Arzaluz tried to register for three different classes and all three of his choices were filled. Arzaluz was just one student out of a wave of students that came Wednesday to register, but left empty-handed.

Nursing student Jose De La Torre was able to get into a class.

“I came to the admission office and it took me less than five minutes and right away I got a class. It’s not the one I wanted, but it will work to help me with one of my general education requirements,” De La Torre said.

Despite his luck, De La Torre felt the process for registering was unfair, and said, “Really there were no options, only one class per subject, it’s not fair because, I’m trying to finish school as soon as possible and with no classes available it’s going to take me longer to finish and get out of here.”

Last Thursday the Admission Office released 40 more classes for different majors. Last Friday was the last day to register before district-wide online registration, which starts Nov. 19.

Early registration for the winter session began last Tuesday and  Wednesday was the first day that current ELAC students were given priority registration over the other college students of the  Los Angeles Community College District.

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  1. It saddens me to hear this . There has to be a better system then what there is now. Im sorry to hear so many with no chose I hope that there w ill be a changes for the near future. Soon keep ur chin up

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