Boba Ave. offers specials

BOBOLICIOUS—Boba Ave. serves up various drinks, including the strawberry boba and the chocolate mile tea with pudding priced at $3.59 for one and the other is free. CN/Jenny Hernandez

By Jenny Hernandez

A place where one can take a break from school and enjoy a variety of boba drinks is Boba Ave. It’s colorful, small location is welcoming by the lady with a big smile.

Boba Ave. has a variety of different drinks from green tea, to Thai Tea, and includes smoothies of all kinds. Boba, pudding, or both can be added. The place has great offers including a buy one and get one free.

The Chocolate Milk tea with pudding is perfect as refresher; it is cold and sweet but not overwhelming, with a creamy taste for a great price of $3.59(large). A free one can be added on for this price making it a great deal.

While on the other hand, the strawberry smoothie with boba is a good option if one is a fan of sweet drinks. It has a sweet taste that is complimented by the boba. There are different drinks available which make this place a good choice for boba drinks.

The main item of the place is boba, but in case one decides they want a snack. They have New York Style Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, and Strawberry Cheesecake at $2.75 each. They also have Chao Shao Pao BBQ pork for the low price of $1.99.

When you buy one drink they give you a card. When the customer gets eight stamps, they get one free drink. Another great deal is Thai Tea Friday, which costs 99 cents a cup.  It is definitely a place to check out if one is a Boba fan or just wants a place to hang out with friends.

This place is conveniently located at 2089 Atlantic Blvd. #A  in Monterey Park.

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